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Dog Bites in Grand Rapids, MI

If you have a dog bite issue, contact 龙8国际app today to discuss and explore your options.

All of us are used to seeing dogs around, but few people think about the legal aspects of owning a dog. What happens when a dog bites someone? Is the owner responsible for the injury? At Keilan法律 in in Grand Rapids, MI, we’re experts in representing clients for dog bites and other animal attacks.

What to Do If Your Dog Bites Someone

Dog bites are serious business, so you can’t afford to ignore someone who says they’re taking you to court. You need to contact the expert attorneys at Keilan法律 马上. We can help you prepare a legal defense and avoid the costly damages often associated with animal attacks.

One way to defend yourself against a lawsuit for dog bites is to prove that the other person provoked your dog. According to Michigan law, provocation is an important exception to cases of dog bites. Teasing, poking, stepping on, offering food, or hurting a dog can all be considered a provocation.

Another option for dog bite cases is showing that the person was trespassing. If sellers unlock your gate to knock on your front door and get bitten by your dog, they can be considered trespassers. Owners aren’t usually liable for this type of animal attack.

What to Do If Bitten by a Dog

In Michigan, you can file a lawsuit against the owner of dangerous dogs that bite you. You don’t need to prove that a dog has bitten people before because Michigan enforces strict liability from the first bite. 然而, there is a statute of limitations on lawsuits for animal attacks, so you need to act as soon as possible by contacting our 法律团队.

You may also be able to sue if you or a loved one’s injury was caused by a dangerous dog, even if the injury wasn’t specifically a bite. 例如, a senior adult is walking down the sidewalk and an out-of-control dog jumps and knocks them down, 导致髋部骨折. The dog’s owner could be held liable for the injury, medical costs, and other damages.

How to Protect Your Interests

Working with a law firm experienced in dog bites is essential for protecting your interests. Filing a lawsuit can help you receive compensation:

  • 医疗费用
  • 治疗
  • 工作之余的时间
  • 身体的疼痛
  • 情感上的痛苦
  • Potential long-term injuries

Our experience can help you get the full compensation you deserve. At 龙8国际app, we have an excellent reputation because we focus on your needs first.

What if you have been wrongfully sued for a dog bite that wasn’t your fault? You need to take steps to keep your finances safe. Your family depends on it.

Let us represent you in court skillfully and professionally. We explain every step of the process in an easy-to-understand way. To learn more about your dog bite laws in Michigan, 龙8国际app 马上.

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